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The only places in the entire world without snake habitat are Antarctica, Iceland, Greenland, New Zealand and Ireland. Snake habitat is everywhere else. Snakes live in deserts, prairies, water of all kinds, rain forests, grasses, fields, pastures, rocks, hardwood forests, softwood forests, dunes, underground, wetlands, swamps, marshes, residential neighborhoods and many more places.

The best way to explore snake habitat is to look at a certain geographic area and identify the types of habitat in that area that attract snakes. Let’s take a look, for example, at the snake habitat of New York State, where there are regions on the ocean, in mountainous areas and everything in-between..

The most common snakes in New York State are the garter snake and the water snake. The garter snake’s habitat consists of  marshes, woodlands, fields, and backyards in towns, suburbs, and cities. It is small, harmless snake that is found virtually everywhere. The garter snake has done very well at adapting to just about any kind of habitat. The water snake can be found in just about every body of water in the state. It is one of the largest snakes in this geographical area, growing to a length of forty-two inches. It is an aggressive snake that people often confuse with the venomous Cottonmouth Snake. The Cottonmouth does not live in New York State.

The Eastern Milk Snake lives in many parts of the northeastern United States. It was thus named because of the misconception that it could milk cows. It does find its habitat in farmland, as well as on river bottoms and in cities. Because of its coloring, the milk snake is also called a spotted adder. Unlike true venomous adders, the milk snake is totally harmless. It does frequent barns to eat rodents and it also eats other snakes.

The Black Rat Snake is the largest snake in New York State, sometimes growing to be as long as eight feet.  Snake habitat for this species consists of cliffs and rocky slopes. The snake is not found, however, in the Adirondacks. It kills its prey by constriction.

Three venomous snakes find habitat in New York State although non are common. The timber rattlesnake is found in the southeastern part of the state as well as near Lake George and in the southern part of Western New York. Its habitat is rocky slopes where it can find ledges and crevices. The Massasauga lives only in wetlands. It makes its home in two locations, northeast of Syracuse and west of Rochester. The final venomous snake, the Copperhead, is found in the lower Hudson Valley. Its habitat is a moist environment on the edges of streams, rivers, swamps and reservoirs.




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