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Tips on How to Get Rid of Snakes

Many people are afraid of snakes and when they see a snake in their yard or house they want to know immediately how to get rid of snakes. That’s because some people have a totally irrational fear of all snakes. It doesn’t matter to them what the role of the snake is in the ecosystem, or that snakes are as afraid of you as you are of them, or that the vast majority of snakes are harmless. These kind of people want to know how to get rid of snakes and they will hear of nothing else.

The truth is, there is only one absolutely certain way to get rid of snakes. There is no point in trying all those chemicals people will try to sell you because none of them work. If you want to know how to get rid of snakes, call a snake removal company and they will tell you. The only way that will work for sure is to catch the snakes and physically remove them.

Chances are if you are afraid of snakes this is not a job you will want to take care of yourself, other than by calling a snake removal company. These companies have the proper equipment to handle snakes, even venomous ones, without getting hurt. They will come onto your property or into your house, catch the snakes, and take them away. Usually reputable snake removal companies will take them many miles away and release them back into the wild. Removing snakes is the only way to get rid of snakes.

However, once the snakes have been removed, you will need to do several things to keep snakes out of your house or backyard for good.  Think about what it is that could be attracting the snakes and take action to prevent it from happening again. Snakes are not coming into your yard by accident. Maybe one, but a group of snakes is not going to wander into your yard unless there is something there for their survival, such as food or shelter.

So you need to concentrate your efforts on measures that will prevent any more snakes from thinking there is something great in your yard just for them. Get rid of any rock piles, brush piles, and mulch piles--perfect shelter for snakes. Make sure that you keep your grass well-mowed and trimmed. Snakes can hide in tall grass but they do not like to be out in the open.

Eliminate any piles you have of lumber, firewood, garbage, debris, tin, plastic or anything that snakes can crawl under or in to hide and be safe. Make sure that anything you have to store outside is at least eighteen inches off the ground so snakes can’t feel comfortable. You might be giving snakes a nice food supply, so control the amount of insects and rodents you have in and around your yard or house. If snakes are entering a barn or a house or garage, the only way to keep them out is to seal off all entry points. Otherwise they will enter looking for a cool moist place to get out of the heat.

Snakes don’t climb the outside of buildings--they enter at ground level or below ground level. That means any spaces or openings around water pipes, electrical outlets, gas or oil pipes, windows and doors must be sealed up. If you have holes in your foundation, they will have to be sealed with mortar.

Keeping the snakes out of your yard and buildings is going to be a lot of work, particularly if your buildings are very old. But if you really want to know how to get rid of snakes and keep them out, this is where you have to begin.




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