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Have You Seen The Five Headed Snake?

A five headed snake, one has to admit, is quite a rarity. There have been several instances where the existence of two headed snakes has been authenticated, and even a snake with only two heads is extremely rare. Quite a few other animals have been born with two heads, and in a few very rare cases with three heads, and have survived, at least for a short time. Five heads? Don't think so. According to most scientific evidence, three heads appears to be the maximum, and is a very rare occurrence indeed.

Exciting News on the Internet

Nevertheless, there have been a flood of e-mails circulating recently (2012), breathlessly informing the recipients of the existence of a five headed cobra, alive and well and living in India. The snake lives in a temple, which supposedly lends some credence to the possibility of its having multiple heads. This particular five headed snake has even made several appearances on YouTube. If you check out the videos on YouTube however, you may be in for a disappointment. The snake doesn't move around much, even though it looks to be quite healthy. In fact, it doesn't move around at all. All you see is a series of still photographs, including one where the snake is poised in front of a person, as if ready to strike. All 5 heads are pointed in exactly the same direction, looking towards the man. The man however doesn't appear to be terribly concerned. Maybe he believes a five headed cobra is no more dangerous than a cobra having only one head.

A second YouTube video also introduces you to the five headed cobra, but this video is mostly about the temple where the snake supposedly lives. The video even supplies driving information on how to reach the temple, and mentions where the nearest airport is located, in the event you want to come and see the snake for yourself. It does manage to squeeze in two still photographs of the five headed snake, the very same photographs found in the other video.

Not Everyone Is A Believer

One skeptic, who apparently couldn't bring himself to believe the particular five headed creature was actually real, took the time to do a little investigating. He found yet another video showing some of the exact same still photographs, but this video had the snake located in another part of India, and at some distance from the temple. This skeptic may have overlooked the fact that an enterprising person may be making money by taking the snake on a road show. If this five headed snake came to your town, wouldn't you pay a few dollars to see it, live and close up? If the snake has indeed been photographed in two different localities the photos look suspiciously similar.

Our skeptic dug a little deeper, and eventually was able to locate the person who took the original photograph of the snake. As it turns out, the snake was photographed in Thailand, not India, and at the time it was photographed it only had one head. Someone, not the person who took the original photograph, apparently used image enhancing software to embellish the photo a bit. Duplicating a head four times doesn't exactly involve rocket science, although doing a good job of splicing the heads together can take some effort. Viewing the snake's heads up close clearly shows not enough effort was expended.

Closer examination of the photographs shows at least two noticeable differences in coloration in the location where the heads join the body. Upon closer examination, it also becomes apparent that there are at least two different snake bodies involved, one of which looks suspiciously like a model or toy. This would suggest there may be two fake five headed snakes in existence, although they apparently inhabit the same temple.

Given today's technology, it certainly would be possible to place a video of a moving five headed snake on YouTube, although viewers would in fact be looking at a “virtual” snake. Proof lies in touching and feeling, not by viewing a video.

The Hydra And Medusa

If the snake had been photographed in the United States, Belgium, or Slovenia, the claim wouldn't have gained much traction. In India however, there are many who believe such a phenomenon is possible, since a five headed snake god is a part of the religious heritage of India.   There are examples cited in many cultures about creatures that have multiple heads. Perhaps the most well known in the Western world concerns the Hydra, a hideous beast having many heads, 100 or so. The Hydra devoured cattle and villagers, and would have continued to do so until the present day had not Hercules fought it and killed it, one head at a time. Perhaps even more famous is Medusa, a beautiful Greek woman who had her lovely hair turned into snakes by the goddess Athena. Medusa later was worshiped by some as the serpent goddess.

The five headed snake from India looks quite tame when compared to the Hydra or to Medusa. It even looks rather friendly, although to be bitten by five cobras at once would not be a good thing.




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