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Let’s face it. No matter what kind of positive spin Australian Tourism puts on it, Australian snakes are high in number and very large. We can even say Australia has a lot of  large venomous snakes--in fact, more than they have of non-venomous snakes. It gives you even more to think about when you realize that there are 142 different species of snakes in Australia.

It’s true that not all venomous snakes can kill people. And it’s not exactly like all of these snakes are lying in wait to ambush you. Still, you should learn what to do not to get bit should you inadvertently find yourself near a snake, and a little bit of knowledge about what to do if bitten isn’t a bad idea either. Knowing what to expect can’t hurt.

Australian non-venomous snakes include pythons, blind snakes, and file snakes, which are a type of sea snake. The largest snake is the Amethystine Python which is around 9-1/2 feet long. The most dangerous snake, also the largest venomous snake, is the Taipan, which can grow to as long as nine feet as well. The average length is seven feet. There are two kinds of Taipans. The Coastal Taipan is the third most venomous snake in the world. It lives in Australia’s coastal areas, in Queensland, Northern Territory and in Western Australia.

The Inland Taipan is even more dangerous than the Coastal Taipan and is also known as the Fierce Snake. The only reason that not more is heard about this snake is because it lives in uninhabited territory--the southeast corner of the Northern Territory and the northeastern part of South Australia. The venom from one bite of the Inland Taipan is strong enough to kill one hundred men. They eat rats, mice, birds and other small mammals. Taipans look huge and strong but they are also very intelligent and very fast. They can be light or dark brown, copper or olive in color with a pale lighter colored head.

The most common Australian snakes that people might come upon include the Red Bellied Black Snake, the Tiger Snake, the Brown Snake and the King Brown Snake. The Red Bellied Black Snake is venomous and anyone bitten must seek medial treatment. It lives in sandy dunes on the coast and also in Eastern ranges. The female of the species gives birth to forty live young at a time. The Tiger Snake is also very venomous and will attack if surprised or threatened. It is brown--striped with lighter and darker bands and approximately three feet long. They live around rivers and quiet beaches and are now found even in newer suburbs. In 2003 a woman died from a bite she got while pruning her hedges. She lived in a suburb of Melbourne.

Two other venomous Australian snakes are very common. The Brown Snake can be 5-6-1/2 feet long and lives in Eastern Australia. A bite can quickly cause death in humans so get immediate treatment. Their diet consists of rats, mice, lizards, birds and other snakes. The King Brown Snake, as one might expect is larger than the Brown Snake and can grow to over 9 feet long. It can be four to five inches in diameter. The snake is so dangerous to approach that if one were to need to kill one, a shotgun would be used.




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